“We will remove the burden from your shoulders” LLC “MKSlogistics”


Our chief advantage is that we have no time, place or transport limitations in comparison with other transport companies! Our company is always prepared for out-of-order demands!

When the transportation project is worked out and realized our team provides such services as:

  • trucking door-to-door
  • optimal delivery plan working out taking into consideration the distance and time in transit
  • taking part in class decision working out when increased attention is needed in cargo delivery
  • reliable control over cargo traffic
  • coordination of the terms and loading peculiarities with all transmitters if the cargo is forwarded from different countries simultaneously
  • INNOVATION!!! Part of the work that is connected with documents circulation (those documents which have been previously done by the Client). It economizes Client’s profile and commercial time greatly and allows to pass the business over to safe hands. If necessary we are ready to organize cargo delivery not only by trucks but also by sea and railway. In other words we can easily organize multimodal cargo transportation.