Geography of transfering


“Day after day we aim at new horizons” LLC “MKSlogistics”


Over a period of 10 years the geography of permanent routes becomes wider. It helps us to accumulate experience, to improve the qualification and as a result to make our service better.

At the moment our team works actively in the following directions: Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Spain, France, Kazakhstan, Holland, Belarus, Poland, Lithuania, Slovakia, Germany, Russia, Belgium, the UK, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Italy, Austria, Finland, Estonia. That does not mean, of course, that we are not prepared for another route. Accumulated experience and market knowledge allows us to react to any your enquiry in a short time!

We are always making headway. At the moment our company is in the process of geography widening. We are working with such countries as China, Iran, Turkey and Turkmenistan, one of LLC “MKSlogistics” mottos after all is “Day after day we aim at new horizons”.